Hi, I’m Campbell Forsyth and I started EasyPaleoDietPlan to help others find the path to good health and feeling better by simplifying and teaching the principles of a paleo-style diet anyone can follow… even if you think you’re not ready to give up bread, dairy and your daily sugar fix!

My own paleo journey started in the summer of 2011 at near desperation point.  I was putting on more and more weight each year and starting to feel more and more unhealthy. Nothing I had tried up to that point seemed to work, at least not in the longer term.

When I first came across and started researching the paleo way of eating the premise just clicked with me as making total sense.  All creatures evolve to thrive in a specific ecological niche and will usually fail to thrive when taken out of that environment and fed foods unnatural to them.  Why would people be any different?

After all, it’s just been the blink of an eye (evolutionarily speaking) since the industrial revolution when the majority of people for the first time lived in crowded towns and cities, leaving behind a more a rural way of life.  And even less time since processed, convenience foods became easily available to us all in supermarkets and fast-food restaurants, becoming a mainstay of our diets.

Was my sedentary office job and supermarket/fast-food diet to blame for my ills?  Quite possibly (well, almost definitely).  So with that I decided to ‘go paleo’ and see if the practice matched the theory.

By eating a natural, wholefood diet based on evolutionary principles, along with moderate exercise, I managed to lose over 30lbs of excess weight.  I’ve also said goodbye to my chronic heartburn, mild IBS-like symptoms, borderline high blood pressure, afternoon energy crashes as well as many of the aches and pains I put down to ‘just getting older’.

For me it’s been a new lease of life.  I believe you can also find amazing benefits and gain better health by following these same principles.  I hope you enjoy and can put to good use the information on this website.

Some boring bio stuff now – I was born in Stirling, Scotland and have recently moved back to the local area after many years living and working in Edinburgh.  I have a BSc in Social Sciences from the University of Edinburgh.  No dogs or cats but I do own a couple of guitars 😉

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That’s it for now, thanks for reading!

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